Wedding apps for those brides and grooms that value their guests photos

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iWedding Photography - A great alternative or addition to professional photography

Taking advantage of your guest's photography skills.

iWeddings Photography is not a photography service but a technology that helps you capitalize on your guests photography skils PLUS a whole lot more!

In this day and age, no wedding is safe from the technology of phone cameras. Some people loathe them and others embrace them. With iWeddings Photography we plan on giving you the technology to embrace them in such a way that will benefit you by getting the images that your photographer did not.

iWeddings Photography apps are for one of 3 groups of wedding couples:

  • Couples that can't afford a professional photographer and totally relying on their guests to capture their special day.
  • Couples that are paying a friend who does photography as a hobby but would love the peace of mind having their guests also take photos.
  • Couples that are hiring a professional photographer but also value the images that their friends can capture while respecting the role of the professional photographer.

We can develop you an app using one of our 3 templates that we personalize for you or we can completely customize an app to the look and feel of your special day.

So what is included in a standard app?

  • A photo of the couple
  • Countdown to the special day
  • A map to the church and reception venues
  • An iGuestbook
  • A gallery for your guests to upload their photos

What can be added to a standard app?

  • Bridal Registry Links
  • iRSVPs
  • Photography Competition
  • Guest Registration (great to have an up to date address list to send "Thank You" cards)
  • Texting ability to inform guests of last minute changes
  • Teaser Gallery (after the wedding your professional photographer may send us up to 10 images which we will upload to the app for you and your guests to see)